The government does not allow a decrease in sugar restrictions on the production of more than 17 million tons of ethanol.

The center ruled out the possibility of increasing the share of sugar (sucrose) in ethanol production beyond 17,000 tons (liters), which is already set for the entire season. In this season (October 2023 – September 2024), the production forecast is 320-330 liters, so the government sees the availability significantly higher than the required 270-280 liters. Union Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra addressed the media next week on the launch of Bharat Rice, stating that the sugar situation is comfortable and unlikely to rise in price due to the increase in sugarcane price (FRP). He said there are no plans to increase ethanol allocations.

No word on drop in Yeild

On the likely drop in sugarcane cultivation in western Uttar Pradesh,  the state government has not informed the Center about such a possibility and the state’s total sugar production is over a year so far. back period. The Indian Sugar and Bioenergy Producers Association (ISMA), releasing its second advance estimate of sugar production for the 2023-24 season earlier this week, said it could fall by 10 percent to 330.5 liters (including volume). for ethanol) in the current season. However, the mills hope that the government will allow some additional amount due to the comfortable inventory situation, ISMA said on the 31st.

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