The government monitors the rice scenario in domestic and international markets

The government  closely monitors the rice scenario every week both in the domestic market and in the international forum, and may increase the country’s share in the global rice trade if the conditions arise, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced in its response. Lok Sabha on Wednesday. India was the world’s largest exporter of rice  in the period 2018-2022, followed by Thailand and Vietnam, but had to ban exports of broken rice and non-basmati white rice due to uncertainty about Indian rice production  and other rice producers. 

countries due to the geopolitical scenario, El Nino sentiments and extreme climatic conditions,  Commerce and Industry Minister Anupriya Patel said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha.   The government also wanted to control domestic prices and  ensure adequate availability of such rice in the domestic market  to supply the common man.  While the government bans the export of broken rice and non-basmati white rice, the government has taken a policy decision to allow such rice to be exported with the permission of  the Center to other countries to meet their food security needs. At the request of  governments, Rice exports from India were 22.24 million tons in 2022, accounting for 40.63 percent of world rice exports. Exports of broken rice will be banned from September 2022 and exports of non-basmati white rice from July 2023. will be banned from July 2023.

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