The government procured 6.30 million tonnes of onions from the price stabilization fund.

The government informed the Lok Sabha that procurement of onions under the Price Stabilization Fund (PSF) continued with the buffer target increased to 7 million tonnes. Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Marketing Ashwini Kumar Choubey, responding to a question on Wednesday, said the buffer procurement target has been raised in taxation in 2023-24 from 2.50 per liter in 2022-23. Noting that procurement of onions from farmers has resumed from June 2023, he said that 6.30 liters of onions have been procured so far.

Purchased bulbs were continuously released through retail, e-NAM auction and wholesale market. He said onion buffers under PSF helped limit seasonality in prices from year to year. To control the seasonal fluctuations in onion price, a buffer stock is maintained under PSF so that onions are available to consumers at an affordable price during the lean season.


When tomato prices increased in July-August 2023 due to whitefly infestation and adverse weather conditions, tomatoes were sourced from PSF source markets and made available to retail consumers in high cost areas at subsidized prices through the state government. Consumer Cooperative (NCCF) and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (Nafed). According to him, with the intervention, the retail prices of tomatoes fell to normal levels in the first half of September 2023.

Bharat Dal

Government launched Bharat Dal in July 2023 by converting Chana PSF shares into Chana dal for retail. Bharat Chana Dal is available to consumers at a subsidized price of ₹ 60/kg for 1 kg pack and ₹ 55/kg for 30 kg pack. He said that about 2.97 liters of Bharat Chana Dal were sold to retail consumers, which is about 25 percent of domestic consumption of Chana Dal. Bharat Dal has also been extended to Moong Dal by converting the stocks of Moong in PSF buffer into Moong Dal and Moong Sabut to be sold to consumers at subsidized prices of ₹ 107/kg and ₹ 93/kg. According to him, a total of 91.62 liters of pulses were obtained and approximately 86.45 liters of pulses were removed with PSF buffers. In 2022-23 and 2023-24 (till January 31), a total of 24.19 liters of pulses have been released from the buffer, he said.

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