The Minister of Agriculture hoped for a solution to the farmers’ protest before the negotiations.

As talks with farm leaders continued Thursday, Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda expressed confidence that “some solutions” would be found to resolve the unrest, although farm leaders remained skeptical of a quick solution. The government’s crackdown on protesting farmers, some of whom declared Bharat Bandh on Friday, includes continued negotiations and negotiations among the main demands of the farmers, which include the implementation of the recommendation of the Swaminathan Commission to fix Minimum Support Prices (MSP) at 50% of C2 production costs. law to ensure purchase of crops from MSP. Other demands include absolute pension for farmers above 60 years, farmers should be completely debt free.

Campaigners opposed

Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and the minister were scheduled to meet on Thursday evening. Home Nityanand Rai and representatives of farmers. Speaking to traders, Munda said “there is always hope for a solution and the government is open to discussions”. Two days later the Haryana police took action against the farmers to prevent them from entering Haryana from Punjab. two separate border posts, clashes between farmers and police were not reported on Thursday. Rural leader Abhimanyu Kohar claimed that 70 farmers have been injured by police firing and tear gas in the last two days. Rural leaders have asked protesters not to move from the border posts to Delhi until the government withdraws. . known during negotiation. But some leaders, pointing to the government’s past stubbornness, said the current protest could also last for days as the Center did not move for a year before deciding to withdraw the three property bills..

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