The rise in export prices is causing tea producers to focus on foreign markets.

The rise in tea prices in overseas markets seems to be helping major producers focus more on exports, leading to a decline in beer revenue at Kochi auctions. A senior official of a leading plantation company said the focus on exports has led to a reduction in tea supply at auctions. There are two main factors behind the decline: manufacturers slow down production for export due to better prices, and the adverse effect of winter on tea plants in high-variety areas, which directly affected the amount of tea available for sale.

Despite the cost of shipping the tea overseas, the attractive export price makes it a profitable strategy for producers. This suggests that the economic benefits of selling abroad at a higher price outweigh the logistics costs, making exporting attractive. The established situation highlights the convergence of domestic and international markets and how changes in demand and prices on a global scale can affect local supply dynamics. “We get good orders mainly from European countries, including the UK, Poland, Turkey, etc.

Realisation down

Sale of 1,71,000 kg offered in Kochi and a sales volume of 92. Auctioneers Forbes, Ewart and Figgis said the Middle East and CIS countries were the main stakeholders, while there was interest from the Highlands also seen. Average price realization declined by ₹ 5 to ₹ 138/kg due to higher sales growth in the low middle and secondary segments. CTC saw a lower production of 6,44,044 kg in the dust market for fine liquid teas priced at ₹ 1-2/kg and sometimes premium teas. All Blenders together absorb 52 percent of the total CTC sold. Demand from open traders and quality buyers was moderate.

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