The wheat area continues to trail on the delayed harvest of kharif paddy

The area of ​​wheat continues to increase during the sowing of the approaching raging season. The area under wheat cultivation decreased by 11.4 percent and was 48.51 million hectares (lh), compared to 54.73 million hectares a year earlier. The growing area under cultivation could improve the chances of meeting the government’s target of 114 million tonnes (mt) this season, with a shorter-than-usual winter forecast.  Preliminary data compiled by state governments and other sources shows a larger area under mustard, Masur (lentil), and jowar (sorghum). On November 10, the total area of ​​all rabies plantations was 189.27 lh, then a year earlier it was 193.27 lh, decreasing by 2.1 percent. “The sorghum harvest was slightly delayed in some areas in Punjab and Haryana compared to last year following the floods in those areas. Some farmers were looking for a very short-term vegetable crop after the flood waters receded as it was not available. A senior official said that there is time to take the normal harvest and these areas will be cleared of wheat for planting by the end of this month. Planting is expected to be completed by November 25 in the major wheat regions of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab Haryana,s and Rajasthan. 

 Higher sugarcane SAP

    Experts said there could be delays in some parts of Uttar Pradesh,  where farmers are looking for wheat after sugarcane, as crushing has not yet started. With the state government announcing a higher State Recommended Price (SAP) for sugarcane by ₹ 25 percent, the field there is also cleared for the next planting. As of November 9, 19.663 billion cubic meters (BCM) of the total capacity of 10 basins in the northern region in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan was 76 percent, compared to 84 percent in 2010. The average warehouse over the past ten years was 77 percent of capacity on October 9.  All pulses covered 58.5 Lh, compared to 57.71 Lh a year ago, as the area under lentil (masuri) cultivation increased by 17.1 percent from 7.74 Lh to 6.61 Lh. But the Chana area (in grams) decreased from 41.44 lh to 41.97 lh. The total area under pulses is 12.75 lh in Rajasthan, 18.31 lh in Madhya Pradesh, 9.53 lh in Uttar Pradesh, 7.22 lh in Karnataka, 5.32 lh in Maharashtra, 1.33 lh in Chhattisgarh and 1.25 lh in Tamil Nadu.

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