Three lakh onion farmers in Maharashtra to get ex-gratia

Maharashtra on Wednesday started offering an ex-gratia of ₹ 350 to onion growers who  sold their produce between February 1 and March 31, 2023. This ex-gratia applies to onions sold by a grower worth up to ₹ 200. in that specified time period. This initiative aims to help farmers recover from losses incurred due to political decisions and natural disasters. 

 Post-farmers’ stir

  Behind the state government’s move is the recent agitation by onion farmers who took to the streets against the policies of the state and union government. Farmers in Maharashtra protested against the Union government’s decision to impose export duty on onions.  At the same time, onion farmers are not satisfied with the government’s assistance and have demanded an increase in payments from the government. The farmers said that  the amount offered by the government was not enough to compensate them for the losses they  suffered.

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