Transformative collaboration between Lushly Day Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd and SELCO Foundation, where solar power harmonizes with eco-friendly farming practices

On March 16, 2024, Lushly Day Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru organized Training Programme on Integrating Agrivoltaics into Hydroponic Systems under Protected cultivation sponsored by SELCO Foundation, Bengaluru .This aims to support enterprises in adopting energy-efficient and/or Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) integrated livelihood technologies.

During the training session, CEO of Lushly Day Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd Mr Anil Kumar KS and Project Manager Dhanush M S provided comprehensive guidance to farmers. The focus was on combining crop cultivation with solar power generation, a concept known as Agrivoltaics. This approach has significant potential for India, as it allows for the expansion of renewable energy generation while minimizing land-use conflicts and preserving valuable agricultural land.

This training program represents a step toward a greener and more resilient future for Indian agriculture .Almost 55 – 60 farmers attended this training program.

The integration of solar panels within agricultural spaces not only contributes to sustainable energy goals but also enhances overall productivity. By leveraging this innovative approach, farmers can harness solar energy while continuing their agricultural practices. It’s a win-win situation that promotes both environmental conservation and economic growth.

The way forward for this comprehensive training program on precession farming, protected cultivation, Agrivoltaics, hydroponics farming, and management lies in fostering a holistic understanding of innovative agricultural techniques while emphasizing sustainable practices. Through hands-on training, theoretical insights, and practical application, participants will be equipped to integrate these advanced methodologies into their agricultural practices, optimizing resource utilization, enhancing yield, and mitigating environmental impact. Emphasizing continuous learning, adaptation to technological advancements, and collaboration among participants and experts, the program aims to catalyze the transition towards resilient and efficient agricultural systems capable of meeting the challenges of the future. 

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