Travanco presents an action plan to improve the lives of marginal farmers in Kerala.

Travancore Rural Development Producer Company Limited (Travanco) has come up with an action plan “Strengthening Livelihood of 40,000 Marginal Farmers” to help increase their agricultural income up to four times. The action plan aims to achieve the set target by providing training and loan facilities to farmers for apartment building, vegetable, banana, dairy, mushroom, bee, goat, chicken farming etc., said CEO Adoor Sethu, chief executive officer Travanco. A ₹250 crore project is planned for 25 years to uplift marginal farmers and strengthen entrepreneurial farmers to 50,000. In the next phase, clusters and acquisitions will be formed based on crops and products that will come to the market with additional products, he said. “Over the past one and a half years, we have collectively given Kisan Mitra loans of around ₹100 to an average of 200 farmers a month. So far, ₹ 15 crore has been paid to over 3,000 farmers in over 600 farmer interest groups. So far, no farmer has failed, which proves the success of the project,

With own funds

Travanco gave loans to farmers with their own funds without bank loans. Recently, Federal Bank and Canara Bank merged with Travanco, The membership of the company is 8,500 farmers and the annual turnover is 10 Crore. He said that the company has made considerable profits in the last 16 years. The goal is to turn farmers into entrepreneurs, as well as provide farmers with training and daily operational assistance. There are also plans to open Mega Agri Hyper Markets across Kerala to sell agricultural inputs, seeds and farm value-added products at discounted prices.

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