UP is collaborating with agtech companies to make great strides in agriculture

Uttar Pradesh is using agtech to a great extent to improve its agriculture, dairy, poultry and fisheries sectors. This will ensure better market connectivity, reduce waste, improve cold storage infrastructure and  better cater for the food industry to become a $1 trillion economy by 2028.  Agriculture is one of the sectors that will be the main focus of the project undertaken by the state government to achieve the target ahead of time, says Anand Ramanathan, Partner, Deloitte India. The Yogi Adityanath government sought Deloitte India to play a key role in this project. “The initial strategy planning phase has been approved and the implementation of various initiatives has officially started”,  Ramanathan told Businessline in an online communication. Contribution of the agricultural sector 

 Currently, the northern state’s economy is  $240 billion, with agriculture accounting for $60 billion, including union territories. Agriculture must grow to $250 billion to meet the state’s overall goal of becoming a $1 trillion economy. “This is an area where we are working with various stakeholders, including private sectors and major multilateral donor organizations, to develop the agriculture sector”. The consultancy works with  agtech players. It is tied up with around 40 agtech companies, where Deloitte India feels it has an important intervention role at the manufacturing side. If you look at sugarcane. Because it is strictly controlled, the production is well understood. But in other places everything is very outdated. So can you look at modern techniques to estimate production.

 Collection of data 

 The mission of Agtech companies is to conduct scientific crop research, gather better information to prevent spills and increase farmer’s  incomes. “We enable agtech companies to collect different performance data. These actors provide inputs and collect outputs with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). We have identified regionally what is the potential for farmers to better realize when we have some of these agtech -players buying products,  Agtech companies are making a big difference, agricultural production is expected to increase by 10 to 15 percent and farms. revenue 5 With the adoption of the technology, -10 percent better  Agtech is used to better monitor weather, forecast, understand insurance, enable better benefits, ensure precision agriculture and provide farmers with better market connectivity. Crop research can be done using drone technology and machine learning, while artificial intelligence can be used to estimate prices. 

 Filling for food processing 

  Of the related industries, the main target is food processing. We have divided our plan into five broad areas, The food industry, which is part of the industry, is viewed through the lens of agriculture, because the units depend on agricultural products. “We developed individual goals for everyone. Deloitte  identified around 70 odd opportunities. And if you look at the big opportunities, one big area is how we can look at agricultural productivity. One of the focus areas of agriculture will be dairy farming and fishing. “UP is the largest producer of milk but most of the production belongs to the unorganized sector”. Therefore, the aim is to make the private sector play an important role and organize the industry  to bring  more value addition. UP is a major importer of poultry products and fish, most of which come from Bengal. We are looking at whether the country can become a net exporter in some of these areas.

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