Upasi is asking the government not to proceed with the forced sale of the road through auction

The United Planters Association of South India (Upasi) proposed to the government not to organize a forced sale of tea by auction, but to leave it  to producers/sellers to decide which method of sale they think is appropriate and economically feasible. This was suggested because the auction system can only handle limited quantities and all of the above can lead to lower prices and unsold quantities. An auction system adds time and cost to a transaction with no certainty that it will fetch better prices or even sell. 

 Free Trade Sample (FTS) serves as a sales promotion tool to facilitate tea buyers in sampling and bidding. However, FTS was not used for the intended purpose, which caused a significant financial burden on tea producers. Upasi asked the Tea Board to reconsider the allocation of FTS because it is not clear whether the samples provided met the actual requirements of the buyers to taste and evaluate the tea before bidding. From the point of view of the sellers, there has been a growing concern that too many samples are entering the commercial business, exceeding the actual needs of the business. This situation directly contradicts the main purpose of FTS, Upasi said. The planter also pointed out that  recent price developments in recent months indicate a sharp drop in auction prices.

Meanwhile, sales at the Kochi auctions were 37% lower due to Onam holidays in manufacturing centres, leading to higher prices. According to dealers, the market for black-looking fine liquors was tight or more expensive at Rs. 2  Rs. 3. The quantity offered was 6,94,373 kg in CTC and 62 percent of the total quantity sold was absorbed by mixers. 

  Demand for Orthodox magazines grew in the CIS and West Asian countries, while highland buyers were quite supportive. The quantity offered was 2,29,029 kg and the selling percentage was 82. Nilgiri whole  and broken leaves were decidedly more expensive.

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