Uttar Pradesh to make use of agritech to boost the growth of  agri & allied sectors 

Uttar Pradesh will make extensive use of agricultural technologies to improve the production sectors of agriculture, dairy, poultry and fisheries. It will create better trade connections, reduce waste, improve refrigeration infrastructure and better serve the food and beverage industry, which will become a multibillion-dollar economy by 2028. Anand Ramanathan, partner at Deloitte India, said agriculture will be one of the key project areas that the state government will take up to meet the  deadline. In one of these areas, the  Yogi Adityanath government has appointed Deloitte India to play a key role in this venture.  “The first phase of strategic development  has been approved and the implementation of various initiatives has officially begun. ”Currently, the economy of this northern state is worth 240 billion dollars, of which 60 billion goes to agriculture, including in the EU. Agriculture needs to reach $250 billion to reach the country’s overall goal of becoming a trillion-dollar economy. “In this area, we work with various stakeholders, including private players and major multilateral donor organizations, to advance the agricultural sector. The consulting company works with companies in the agricultural technology industry.  It is in touch with around 40 agritech companies, which Deloitte India says will play an important role in production interventions. When we look at sugarcane, we understand the production process well as it is very strictly controlled. But in other areas everything is very outdated. This allows us to use modern technology to measure production. To avoid losses and increase farmers’ income, agtech companies will rely on plant science research and better data collection. We help companies that produce agricultural machinery collect data on various crops. These participants provide feedback and collect products from farmer organizations (FPOS). When we have agtech members to work with to purchase products, we have identified the potential of the best farmers.  As technology adoption increases, agtech companies will have a huge impact, with  agricultural production expected to increase by 10-15% and farmer income by 5-10%. “We have divided our plans into five broad areas,” said the Deloitte India partner. The food industry is  part of the industry and is viewed from an agricultural perspective because it relies on agricultural products. “We have our own goals for each area. Deloitte has identified around 70 opportunities. One of the most important agricultural sectors  is dairy farming and fishing. UP is the largest milk producer, but most of the production takes place in the unorganized sector. There is tremendous opportunity in the dairy industry to use technology to help more cows combat homelessness. The state has increased subsidies for this, which will lead to higher productivity. In this context, we work with private dairies and all local partners have excellent collection infrastructures. We therefore think we can take a closer look at private companies that collect milk from farmers and distribute it to  organized trading entities to produce higher value-added products like ghee and butter. 

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