Vegetarian, vegan food inspection company Sattvik Certifications plans to expand its footprint overseas

Sattvik Certifications, which promotes vegetarian and vegan food in India and abroad, will soon begin its certification process in Australia, while expanding its presence in Thailand, Canada and the US, company founder Abhishek Biswas said. “We have approached the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand, Canada and the US. The process is already underway,” said Biswa, who began his certification journey 15 years ago through online interactions with the business community. Sattvik already operates in Singapore, Indonesia and UAE. It started operations in India a year ago and has more than 150 customers. Almost all brands like Taj, ITC and Hyatt.

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“We have already contacted the Thai FDA. We talk to them. They are very specific, especially when it comes to food. I think we should be operating in Thailand next March”. The company will also review the certification of vegan and vegetarian meals offered by airlines in the near future, starting negotiations in Singapore. Balanced Food Means Sattvik The goal of launching Sattvik is to get the 1.9 billion vegans and vegetarians of the world to follow a specific logo that helps them understand the product. “For vegans and vegetarians, the only indicators are green and red signs. And many countries do not even follow it. The biggest problem for a vegetarian traveling in Europe is the food, adding that even vegan products do not now. It has a logoIndustry specific guides Vegans and vegetarians can look for the Sattvik logo and probably eat such products. “That was the whole point of starting this certificate. In 2014, I came back to India and officially started it. Before that, it was all my research”, said Biswa.The founder of the company did a lot of research for years before issuing his certificate. “We actually developed seven guides. During the first creation, I realized that the field is large and it is necessary to fill some manuals. All our guides are industry specific”. Sattvik Certification has partners like the 200-year-old Bureau Veritas, which sells its certificates. Other such partners include Canada’s DNV and UL. It is approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards.It has ITC, Hyatt and Taj certified kitchens. “Today, almost 12,000 meals are certified with food safety stickers from my base kitchen in Delhi, which is almost all the trains in North India. In Delhi, all the Durantos, Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains have my sticker because all the time someone from my work. 

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 That means it is 100 percent vegetarian,” Biswas said, adding that the largest mineral water bottling plant in northern India is one of his certified companies.Touch Certification Process Sattvik Certification is well established in Southeast Asia with its headquarters in Singapore. I worked in Indonesia two months ago. “We have been recognized by the Indonesian government for vegan and vegetarian certification,” said Biswas.Getting a company certificate is not easy. “It is difficult and critical. It is equivalent to ISO 22000 when we certify a kitchen,” he said, adding that the process helps the kitchen achieve a balance in cooking. Sattvika food management originates from the Vedas 5000 years ago. Noting that the certificate has nothing to do with religion, he said that a person finds a logo that indicates that the food is safe to eat.Sattvik Certifications recently produced a handbook of Buddhism in which the Dalai Lama blessed the founder for his efforts. “We’re basically the first to do something like this,” he said, adding that the certification means the products don’t use animal products or meat.

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The certification process applies to an entire unit, not a single product. “Three leading vegan companies in India including Blue Tribe and Good dot are certified by us. We certify the entire production building where the product is made through testing, he said.The company actually visits this site to see how the products are made, including what is used. There are several parameters, including a condition that there should be no slaughterhouse or sewage drains near the unit, Biswas said. The Sattvik Certificates started so far may enter funding in the next funding period. “There are a lot of changes. So we will probably get the funding by 2024, maybe in March. Our current estimate is almost 130 million,” said the founder of the company. Regarding the importance of certification, he said that food safety is only 2 percent in the country. “So there is a lot of gap and delay in food safety issues in India”, To popularize the concept of safe food, Biswas said his company has set up incubation centers and centers of excellence at three international institutes of hotel management. It is also present in Vishwakarma Skill University, Palwal, Haryana, he said, adding that food safety analysts and senior food safety auditors will be introduced.

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