Wheat purchase from FCI e-auctions fell to 93 percent.

The average price of wheat at the Food Corporation of India (FCI) auction remained flat, while sales fell to 93 percent from 96 percent last week, as both retail and wholesale open market prices fell. The government sold 89.47 lakh tonnes therefore. far (lt ) after selling wheat to increase the availability of the open market from June 28. as many as 4.63 liters of the five liters offered at the weekly auction held in February were sold, the Food Ministry sources said. The government increased the supply in the weekly auction by 50,000 tonnes from February 7.

The average selling price of wheat was ₹ 2,237.15 a quintal on Wednesday, up from ₹ 2,236.11 last week. As on 13 December 2023, it was ₹ 2,172.94. The government has kept the floor price of wheat in the auction at ₹ 2,130, much lower than the economic price of the grain, which is currently ₹ 2,703.

Karnataka seeks more

In this round, the average selling price in the eastern region was ₹ 2,310, which was more than the minimum support price of ₹ 2,275 (next season of April), while prices in other regions ranged from ₹ 2,197 to ₹ 2,251, excl. in the Northeast, where it was ₹ 2,351.14/cent.\ n

In Karnataka, the highest bid price was ₹ 2,650 on Wednesday, industry sources said, and inclusion of a particular variety in a particular stock in the state is always the highest. The highest bid was ₹ 2,520 in West Bengal, ₹ 2,425 in Jharkhand, ₹ 2,430 in Uttar Pradesh, ₹ 2,475 in Maharashtra, ₹ 2,330 in Gujarat, official data 5 \256, Rajasthan 5\260. average retail prices In the week to February 20, wheat prices in India fell by ₹ 30.88/kg (0.68%) and rice rose by ₹ 44.11/kg (0.34%). Average wholesale prices of wheat also declined by ₹ 2,748 per quintal (0.76%) and rice prices rose by ₹ 3,876 per quintal (0.07%).

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