XMachines gets seed fund from Coromandel International arm

XMachines, an agricultural robotics start-up, has secured seed funding from Dare Ventures, the venture capital arm of Coromandel International. The start-up, however, has not disclosed the size of the funds that they raised in the seed round. The start-up, which belongs to the 2021 cohort of DL Labs at the Indian School of Business (ISB), earlier got funding from the NIDHI – SSS (National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations – Seed Support System). The start-up develops AI-based robots to solve some of the problems faced by farmers. It worked on building compact autonomous robots that are capable of taking up agricultural tasks such as seeding, weeding, spraying, and planting. “These robots can be conveniently used on small farms to enhance cultivation efficiency and reduce chemical usage through data-driven agricultural practices”, Trivikram Kumar Dogga, Founder and CEO of XMachines, said. “We are integrating automation with agriculture, making it fun, convenient, and profitable for farmers. We foresee a future where there is a robot on every farm and agriculture happens in an intelligent and data-driven manner in harmony with climate change and the growing needs of the population”. 

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