Zetta Farms manages 2 gardens on Bokahola Tea

Zetta Farms has announced a 10-year operating partnership with Bokahola Tea Co Pvt Ltd for two 6,000-acre gardens and associated tea factories under the Assam Tea Corporation Ltd umbrella. Assam Tea Corporation Ltd leased these gardens to Bokahola Tea Pvt  Ltd.  According to a media statement, 35 lakh kg of tea per year has been earmarked under this measure.  Quoting Zetta Farms founder Rituraj Sharma,  the statement said, “Our mission at Zetta Farms goes far beyond business expansion. Our recent collaboration with Bokahola Tea Co Pvt Ltd is a testament to our relentless commitment to drive positive and sustainable change. “We are proud to invest in infrastructure that not only improves tea production but also strengthens the local community through education and better living conditions. By bringing together tradition and innovation, we are poised to create a prosperous and inclusive future for all stakeholders.   Prabhat Bejbaruah, CEO of Bokahola Tea Co, expressed optimism about the collaboration. 

 A new chapter   

 The statement said the milestone marks a defining moment in Zetta Farm’s ongoing redefinition of the tea industry, highlighting the company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and community development. Zetta Farms looks forward to beginning this new chapter and continuing to deliver exceptional tea products to consumers around the world while contributing to the growth and prosperity of tea-producing regions. The partnership between Bokahola Tea Co and  Zetta Farms reflects a shared commitment to excellence and sustainability in the tea industry. This partnership not only strengthens the production capacity of Zetta Farms but also highlights its commitment to the well-being of local communities and the advancement of the agricultural sector. Zetta Farms has invested heavily in the development of critical infrastructure, creating a transformative ripple effect in the tea-growing region.

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