Zuari Farmhub launches nanofertilizers

Agricultural solutions provider Zuari Farmhub Ltd (ZFHL) on Wednesday launched its nano fertilizers – Nano Shakti Nano Urea and Nano Shakti Nano DAP. ZFHL announced that it has received approval from the Government of India to produce nano-fertilizers such as nano-urea and nano-DAP. See Gazette of India Notification dated November 29, 2023. These nano-fertilizers are designed to increase yields and improve soil health. Zuari Farmhub in collaboration with The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) has developed nano-fertilizers using the latest green nano-biotechnology. Nanofertilizers are nano-sized nutrient particles that are easily absorbed by plants, leading to better utilization of nutrients and reduced losses.

These nanofertilizers are exclusively marketed by Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL) under the brand name Jai Kisaan Navratna Nano Shakti. This move will ensure wide availability of this technology to farmers across the country. “The development of nano-fertilizers is a testament to the transformative power of green nanobiotechnology. TERI’s expertise in this field, combined with Zuari Farmhub’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, has led to a technology that can transform Indian agriculture. This collaboration is a significant step towards a greener future for the agricultural input industry,” ZFHL CEO Madan Pandey said in the statement.

Several advantages

Compared to conventional fertilizers, these advanced fertilizers offer several compelling advantages, such as better nutrient uptake, higher yields and lower fertilizer use, the company said. There are also no opportunities for fertilizers to flow into nearby water sources, thus avoiding harmful health and environmental impacts. Nanofertilizers require significantly less application than traditional fertilizers, resulting in significant cost savings for farmers and a smaller environmental footprint. Better nutrient uptake has also been shown to result in higher yields, allowing farmers to maximize production and income, the company said.

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